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License Status Definitions

Active: Unrestricted for private practice.

Active/Probate: Licensee is authorized to practice. License has been suspended and placed in a probationary status. License may be restricted by terms of probation stated in disciplinary order.

Cancelled: Cancellation occurs following one year or more of nonpayment - this status is not eligible for renewal.

Charity: Authorized for charitable services for no remuneration.

Deceased: Licensee is no longer alive.

Enforced Suspension: Licensee is not authorized to practice for the duration of the active supervision.

Expired: License is eligible for renewal but practice is not authorized with this status.

Expired - NSF: Payment for license fees returned by financial institution - this status does not authorize practice. (Non Sufficient Funds = NSF)

Retired: License may be reinstated under certain circumstances - this status does not authorize practice.

Revoked: Licensee is not authorized to practice. Board has withdrawn licensees authority to practice.

Voluntary Surrender: Licensee is not authorized to practice. Licensee has relinquished license voluntarily.